Friday, April 20, 2012


Received 5/29/86

Know this, all must learn unconditional love, must learn to love the God part of all men, and must love that goodness that exists in all men.  Know also that judgment, fear, anxiety are all what hold man back and ego, these must be released.  Judgment is worst because as you judge it creates a mountain that becomes hard and cruel, hence the light of love cannot be seen for the shadow.  Love is the answer.  Love must emanate from within, it must be from thought and action, other words think and live it.

 As you think so shall your actions be.  Clean your thoughts make them pure and you will see the gift of happiness that will come to you.  Notice the critical eye how unhappy it is, how it looks upon everything and sees the flaws there of.  See the loving eye that looks upon everything and sees the beauty and joy of everything and every creature, the air speaks of love, the birds sing a special song, the flowers have a special glow, and everything is more beautiful around those who love.

The critical ear only hears the flaws in the most beautiful songs, the one who loves music only hears the beauty of love the music says, the one that dwells on unhappiness attracts unhappiness.  The one that dwells on love receives love.

Always look to love the light of the world, the binder that holds all things is love, God is Love.  His love surrounds us all in all planes of existence and is all embracing.  His love surrounds all things, His love surrounds all religious, His love knows our paths and is protecting us through our learning, with choice and living in the Will.  He surrounds us with choice of doing, in self, that is, when the love waits for the opening, choice.

In all of this the only message to receive is to love.  Love all, release the judgment and know that everyone has their own lessons their own paths.  You, love yourself, allow yourself to receive the love that is around you.  Don’t dwell upon your disappointments they are only lessons along the way.  Learn from them and let them go.  Forgive, forgive all that hurt you and learn.  As you learn your lessons, you’ll find the problem won’t come upon you again.  Until you learn you will receive the lesson over and over.  This is the essence of life to learn to love God and in loving God, to love His creation.  To make God your partner, to forgive self and others.  (To love yourself and others to know that the love you have for yourself is the connectgion with God and in loving yourself and god you are able to love God and all of His creation purely without attachment)

Love, unconditional love is to love without hope of reward or favor; it is love regardless of actions or thought of others.  Unconditional love is as you love a cat, you love that animal regardless and you know that cat loves you even thought the expression o that love is independent of you. You love God’s creation, love man, love self.  Don’t let it only be words let it be actions and deeds.  Don’t let it be out of ego or fear or want of judgment. Let it be out of love for fellow man and God.  Don’t worry so much, don’t fear, just let go , find the peace around you.  Don’t try to live up to standard of others around you, live up to what feels good for you in that love.

Don’t force your self in this love.  God does not force His love on you, He is patient, so be patient to your self, be patient in your growth.  A tree does not boom overnight, time is the essence.  Take time to heal do not dwell on the healing, letting go of the disease brings the healing, holding on lets it grow into more pain more sorrow.

Be patient in all you do, allow yourself to make mistakes do not condemn the mistakes, know the learning thereof. 
Release yourself from your pain. Do not hold on to them, Meditate on love, healing and God.  Pray, faithfully with love, not in motion.  Serve out of love, not out of duty.  Let desire of god and His service be your guide, desire His partnership and allow it.  Do not block with fear of inadequacies imagined or real.  Rise above your fears, do not doubt yourself or your faith, be strong in your love and you will b e strong in your life, only you can decide to receive Gods love, his gifts.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Living your LIFE in the NOW of LOVE

Life is for living live in your now the best you can don't beat yourself up on the way if life is not showing you or if you are not creating the life you imagine that you would love to live.
I am a very expressive person and I have had many plans that had not fired up to the vision that I had imagined that i would like it to be.  When I would reflect on it I would get upset and start to sink then I would realize that in this NOW is joy no matter what i am experiencing ... That to be in the NOW of what is, is more important.  Living Life in Your NOW as it is.
Don't judge your life, love your life, and change what it is that you are judging... with love, gently, never force...LIVE YOUR LIFE ... LOVE YOUR LIFE...
On a joyful note we have to laugh as we fall, shoot no one gave us a 100% HOW to Book ... we have clues of LOVE everywhere, but how to truly be there all the time, is a learning experience... so why not enjoy the process... in the NOW of life.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I have for years been telling and living a truth that says to LOVE NO MATTER WHAT.... as the global events have been focused on fear I have moreso taken myself from that which honors and spreads fear.  I spend my time in gratitude and love , sending love to all and being a beacon of light for all.  I  know  that as i love and be love that my energy field shall be a beacon of love that all those who pass through my energy field are passing through love  and if they allow a touch or a hug they are receiving a transfusion of love and when they hear the voice the energy of love is magnified... I choose to live love in every action and deed ... to be love on all levels...

In this time judgment should be eliminated and forgiveness put in its place for as we all know that there is an energy that those we are judging feels and it magnifies that which we judge ... also know with in your self when someone judges you and you are conscious of it how you react ... sometime not in the highest order ...

We can heal the world one at a time ... let us be ... a thread of love weaving the world with Love Light.

Let us touch one on one and be the light that heals in our every day life. ... Let love, laughter, joy of being , be our mantra.  Let us not be so serious in our spirituality.  Let us be joyful in our moments .   Let this joyful love pass through us to each one we pass, touch or speak to.

 Know that this love will pass though us and even touch all of creation that we are one with ... weave the thread of love

We should dissolve the principle of fear in all our lives and not allow this energy to drain our being nor the planet any longer ... transmute it ... change it ... erase it ... know that light shining bright cleans and removes the shadow in every corner ... do not allow this energy to be fed any longer ... cut it off ... allow it not to have any more of you time or energy ... let not fear be your guide any longer ... let love be your guide do things out of love ... no longer do or focus on issues out of fear ... letting fear guide your direction ... let love be your guide do what you love and joy prosperity and happiness will be your gift ... not only to you but to the many ... see that the vibration of love flows through all you do ... just this small action will do greater deeds than you can imagine...

There is so much more to say ... but for now i will leave you with this ... make your choice ... be the thread of love ... or be the thread of fear ... your choice...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


We must ...Start each day clean, leaving behind yesterday's emotions, and programs that does not honor the love we are, like the rising sun, starting a new day, we must also start New... Each new day unlike any other, on to which we can plant anything we desire! What do we desire? Would be good to reflect before getting out of bed... make a choice...commune with the Divine... then arise.... or touch another, make the choice before speaking to another... your heart felt desire, honoring self first and the goodness of the new day.... planting the seed, of your new garden grown with love ....Do this for you. Do this for Love.... Do this for the planet... it all starts with One Heart in Love. So it’s our choice what we choose to plant in our life Love, Joy, Happiness with laughter or planting the weed seeds of fear, anger, resentment, stresses of others and weaknesses we cannot change at the moment .... worrying about the issues of others added to our own and the world.... why not just send love to that which cannot be personally changed, let go of the worry and move forward in your life ... your personal life, in which you have the power to create from your choices... in each moment NOW AND SENDING LOVE LIGHT TO ALL CREATION.

You are the beginning of the change for the world, You are the atom that touches others hearts, be the power of love, be the instrument of love, be that which will change the world for the better, YOUR ONE HEART IN THIS MOMENT OF LOVE....

Do this every morning and in every moment... and see your life change ... see the world change...

Do not be the instrument that sends one more dark image, thought or stroke of paint on the fear filled world... be the one who paints love... spreads love, be the light, that joins other lights...


Friday, January 27, 2012


Storms come and go, We are blessed even if we do not acknowledge it, for every storm is a Cleansing. The storms in our life and the storms of nature. If we only have eyes to see and the heart to understand one would see how beautiful and clean everything is after the cleansing of nature. Yes things sometimes get over turned yet if we really knew how important it is, nutrients being spread, leave...s cleaned, natures movement even the lightning balances the earth when it strikes the ground (scientific data shows this) the burned charcoal of a burned forest fire set by nature, has been prooven to purify the earth and then the forest so that the new grows stronger, the burnt wood now charcoal, cleansing.

When we have a personal storm in our life, when we have an emotional upheaval after a while when we look at our life we will see that that personal storm was a good thing, causing a change in our self in some way. Now if we are in awareness and see it with loving eyes we will see that we have been moved to a change that will benefit IF WE ALLOW... if we go back to old patterns that caused the upheavel, we will create another storm with simular lessons... if we learn and are grateful we walk away clean and ready for the next step of love, Rather than sitting in a broken home feeling like a victom, we see the damage and start moving to a positive change, either moving from the house / situation or re modeling... turning the damage into a true gift of joy rather than lamentation... CHOICES

Friday, January 20, 2012


Love in Relationships

Unconditional Love

Forgiveness (Matthew 5:25)





Awareness of each others qualities

Two have come together as One

Yet you are two,

One garden,

 One Essence Rose,

One Essence Carnation,

 Side by side,

 Loving the qualities of each other .

 Admiring and loving

Yet neither should want the other to change to be other than who they are,

 Each has its own uniqueness

that gives the color and fragrance to the garden,

 To be loved and nurtured in its own. 

Should the Rose try to change the Carnation to be a Rose,


 The beauty and the awe,

is the difference and also the compromises  one makes in order to live in harmony .

 Be willing to change,

Change is the essence of life.

Everything changes and grows,

 So to grow and love and honor the growth of each other,

 Neither being jealous or controlling,

To manipulate the other to remain the same,

Never stunting growth,

Always honoring that which is good,

Always walking with God as the Crown in the relationship,

The Sun so shines it’s Love on everyone in the Garden

Each receiving it’s own share of Glory,

To it’s own growth and power

and so too

grows the love

ever increasing

its fragrance

blessing all


beholds its beauty.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lessons Judging a childhood

I  have been blessed these days to heal issues that were very  painful, to heal and see what each of my siblings have been carrying for years.  We each have a different story for we each experienced our pain differently.  Each had moments worse than the other, and some better.  WE did not talk to each other much as children nor as adults. 
Our life went separate ways and rarely meeting each other, and the pain of our childhood always the shadow not seen and always constant in our lives.  Keeping us away from each other.  Buttons would be pushed and off to our corner we fled.  Surviving the best we could.
We found each other again. And in our Joy of coming together I bought up a subject I was not aware would cause pain in my brother and sister.  And out from the shadows of our heart came all the pain and judgement.  Long forgotten memories and pains, too aweful for anyone even our selves to remember.  Here we were AGAIN LETTING THE PAST BRING PAIN TO THE NOW. 
We got through it, through it with LOVE, patience and facing the truth. However much was learned ...especially about Choices and how we hold onto pain of the past that hurt the NOW

The wisdom of my sister Linda, put our issue so beautifully ... the past is the past and we should not let IT desturb our NOW.

So now that we have seen felt and faced STUFF buried deep and forgotten or unknown ect. It is time to let go of that and live our new life in Love. We are adults now well over 40 :-D and it is time to live in our current time, to share our life NOW to walk with each other in Gratitude and Love. Sharing the hidden treasures that are our garden that we created from the compost pile of our past. Sharing the treasure that we have found and created from the treasures we DID find in our childhood... the gifts we got because of that experience.

My hun says all the time we create our own reality... and i say we did darn well with the seeds we carried in our pockets, with the yarn and material Linda found, with the tools and soil Steve found and me with my words and counsel and healings I have done, and I have been blessed to do emotional and physical healing (using the herbal knowledge or clues Grandma taught me and the gifts of Spirit God gave me) we have been blessed. And I see although each of us have had our share of pain, as adults we continued to learn and become better for it, and having a STRONG CONNECTION WITH GOD... AS IF GOD HAS HAD US IN HIS HANDS ALL ALONG... PROTECTING, LOVING , TEACHING....

NOW saying all that
i wish to say...

we were children ANY THING DONE IN THE PAST was done by children... IN PAIN ... do you know how children act up when they are in pain and in need... they get mean and they do things to get attention... they get mischievous, they get destructive...all crying out for LOVE ... acting out against who ever is there

We each have our shadows

We each acted up... I am grateful to know what i did.... for i have seen my report card of my life, that i started off one way and CHOSE ANOTHER... choosing Love instead of the self destructive anger and ways of my childhood

i left it all behind... we were children

do we judge a child forever ... and blame an adult for the child mis action

yes humanity does and it is sad how many people have been condemned because of an act as a child... I have learned a lot these days....and in my life I have held resentments and lost much quality time with family due to an action of our childhood.  What a waste of time and the gift of love lost ...however we have the NOW and the now is full of gifts once we let go of STUFF and embrace the gifts that life has to offer in Love

We were children and as teenager well how many teens do you know make great decisisons... i appologize for leaving you behind Linda... I did not know you loved me or wanted to be with me... as you said we were separated by something that kept feeding us against each other...

No worries we cannot change the past...

We are here in the NOW and the now is all that matters

we are no longer children

our life

our choices

begin NOW