Friday, February 25, 2011

Loosing friendships and still loving

I had an issue and still do not understand how it happen. Meanwhile although I do not know nor understand how a friend could turn and walk away. I choose to Love no matter what.
I live my life so that I constantly check to see am I doing the best I can? Am I walking my talk? Am I choosing Love? And always I choose love. Even when I hurt I choose love. I may get angry. I may get hurt. And I get hurt often because well I am sensitive, a little too sensitive however I still choose to be me for I choose love.
So although I lost a dear friend I still love. Although I was hurt, I still love.
I lick my wounds and allow healing, then get up and play again.
so I am playing
I am rejoicing
I am Grateful for life and learning.
I am Grateful for even the pain for I have learned from it.
I am Grateful for having the time I had with this friend for we grew.
I know that life brings people in for a reason and sometimes it is for a long time. But for however long it is, let there always be love.
So much to be Grateful for.
And I move forward to the next moment of Love and Celebration
No regrets
Just Gratitude
Just Love