Friday, April 20, 2012


Received 5/29/86

Know this, all must learn unconditional love, must learn to love the God part of all men, and must love that goodness that exists in all men.  Know also that judgment, fear, anxiety are all what hold man back and ego, these must be released.  Judgment is worst because as you judge it creates a mountain that becomes hard and cruel, hence the light of love cannot be seen for the shadow.  Love is the answer.  Love must emanate from within, it must be from thought and action, other words think and live it.

 As you think so shall your actions be.  Clean your thoughts make them pure and you will see the gift of happiness that will come to you.  Notice the critical eye how unhappy it is, how it looks upon everything and sees the flaws there of.  See the loving eye that looks upon everything and sees the beauty and joy of everything and every creature, the air speaks of love, the birds sing a special song, the flowers have a special glow, and everything is more beautiful around those who love.

The critical ear only hears the flaws in the most beautiful songs, the one who loves music only hears the beauty of love the music says, the one that dwells on unhappiness attracts unhappiness.  The one that dwells on love receives love.

Always look to love the light of the world, the binder that holds all things is love, God is Love.  His love surrounds us all in all planes of existence and is all embracing.  His love surrounds all things, His love surrounds all religious, His love knows our paths and is protecting us through our learning, with choice and living in the Will.  He surrounds us with choice of doing, in self, that is, when the love waits for the opening, choice.

In all of this the only message to receive is to love.  Love all, release the judgment and know that everyone has their own lessons their own paths.  You, love yourself, allow yourself to receive the love that is around you.  Don’t dwell upon your disappointments they are only lessons along the way.  Learn from them and let them go.  Forgive, forgive all that hurt you and learn.  As you learn your lessons, you’ll find the problem won’t come upon you again.  Until you learn you will receive the lesson over and over.  This is the essence of life to learn to love God and in loving God, to love His creation.  To make God your partner, to forgive self and others.  (To love yourself and others to know that the love you have for yourself is the connectgion with God and in loving yourself and god you are able to love God and all of His creation purely without attachment)

Love, unconditional love is to love without hope of reward or favor; it is love regardless of actions or thought of others.  Unconditional love is as you love a cat, you love that animal regardless and you know that cat loves you even thought the expression o that love is independent of you. You love God’s creation, love man, love self.  Don’t let it only be words let it be actions and deeds.  Don’t let it be out of ego or fear or want of judgment. Let it be out of love for fellow man and God.  Don’t worry so much, don’t fear, just let go , find the peace around you.  Don’t try to live up to standard of others around you, live up to what feels good for you in that love.

Don’t force your self in this love.  God does not force His love on you, He is patient, so be patient to your self, be patient in your growth.  A tree does not boom overnight, time is the essence.  Take time to heal do not dwell on the healing, letting go of the disease brings the healing, holding on lets it grow into more pain more sorrow.

Be patient in all you do, allow yourself to make mistakes do not condemn the mistakes, know the learning thereof. 
Release yourself from your pain. Do not hold on to them, Meditate on love, healing and God.  Pray, faithfully with love, not in motion.  Serve out of love, not out of duty.  Let desire of god and His service be your guide, desire His partnership and allow it.  Do not block with fear of inadequacies imagined or real.  Rise above your fears, do not doubt yourself or your faith, be strong in your love and you will b e strong in your life, only you can decide to receive Gods love, his gifts.