Friday, January 20, 2012


Love in Relationships

Unconditional Love

Forgiveness (Matthew 5:25)





Awareness of each others qualities

Two have come together as One

Yet you are two,

One garden,

 One Essence Rose,

One Essence Carnation,

 Side by side,

 Loving the qualities of each other .

 Admiring and loving

Yet neither should want the other to change to be other than who they are,

 Each has its own uniqueness

that gives the color and fragrance to the garden,

 To be loved and nurtured in its own. 

Should the Rose try to change the Carnation to be a Rose,


 The beauty and the awe,

is the difference and also the compromises  one makes in order to live in harmony .

 Be willing to change,

Change is the essence of life.

Everything changes and grows,

 So to grow and love and honor the growth of each other,

 Neither being jealous or controlling,

To manipulate the other to remain the same,

Never stunting growth,

Always honoring that which is good,

Always walking with God as the Crown in the relationship,

The Sun so shines it’s Love on everyone in the Garden

Each receiving it’s own share of Glory,

To it’s own growth and power

and so too

grows the love

ever increasing

its fragrance

blessing all


beholds its beauty.


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