Friday, May 21, 2010


from an email to friends ....


Heard a great speaker once and You know that Dewitt had so much to say that evening but for me the greatest was about life how effortless it is when you get into the force and trust , this to me was the story all along to trust yourself, know where you are going, see all things with the eye / heart of love, listen to guidance, trust that guidance and go one step farther, until you finally realize you are no longer flapping, you have learned that your heart will take you effortlessly to your destination, while others are flapping(struggling) you have found the way to soar ( riding the current miles effortlessly to your intended destination and not feel it next thing you know you are there)
The symbolism of the current is to me the force or God or what ever Higher Power one believes in ... even if it is Self... the Higher vision and of course as we saw the birds in his illustration of these birds flying to Oahu from Molokai , were on a Higher plane , caught the current and the rest was a joy ride, so you let go, stop flapping and all is well.
Like my recent event ... I let go ... let God... lived my moments in Love ... and the rest was taken care of....
To ask oneself as he said "what are you celebrating" to choose how you see a thing ... building a Cathedral or breaking stones...your choice how you see what you are doing in your life, servant or lord of the manor.
By living your Passion and opening yourself to be in the" place of Most potential.."
To go beyond your boundaries, or limits set on you by self or society... the quote I liked "it's not trespassing to go beyond your own boundaries" I like I am taking down my personal boundaries and moving on to the unknown of Love. Celebrating all the way.
He was speaking of Michelangelo, he was asked once how did he decide to create David .."I saw an angel in the stone and I carved to set it free" to have that vision to see a thing and with passion and love bring it forth, continually finding the next right answer... keeping extraordinary vision in focus .... celebrating embracing Change...Change is possibilities and that is the times of most change is the most possibilities

To see it believe it and MAKE IT HAPPEN... quit flapping and ride your thermos" to where ever you are going it can be effortless...struggle isn't it... learn to soar the winds take you higher effortlessly to the next level....
Know self, trust self, love self, be the best of who we are for the world, and yourself for if you are doing the best you can do, you do effect the world. Whatever is your passion just do it anyway and believe because we are all on that great journey of Life.
Ride the wave of change totally conscious to watch others on the ride, do not carry, hold focus , live every moment of the journey...
remember, not that it's the right answer to many but that it's the best contribution from Self.
we want to sing our song... so do it for self first and the rest will follow
I hope that you are accomplishing your desired goals, I am, I have finally learned how to catch the wind, and I am soaring effortlessly.
Love to you all.

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