Friday, May 21, 2010


received 2/96
I am learning to stay in the perfect moment and I observe that which happens to me -and my reaction to it -

I learned yesterday as I walked along the river how beautiful it is and how I almost missed it if I hadn't stopped and felt the moment ....


Dear God we are too busy passing all of your wonders, totally unaware of the subtle beauty around us, as we dwell on pains that are long gone yet linger in our cellular memories.

How do we clean it out?

By becoming aware that it's there, by replacing the pain with joyful cellular felt memories, by given power to the joy, rather than the pain. Yes, it has been a painful journey for all of us and life has it's battles built by us, the choice is to stop the creation of pain and accept the creation of Love and Light. Give Love and Light more power, rather than taking it for granted, be grateful for the smallest joy, elevate it to the highest honor and breath in the light of love, knowing all is well. As we create that, ignoring the painful choices of others and not giving it power, acknowledging their creation of such and honouring the value of love and giving Love to all, knowing that although not visible that somewhere in their being, that Love and Light is being created because of the flow of light being sent out by all Light Workers.

Know this dear One that you have hit on a very important subject and awareness, know the Light you have and all Light Workers even unaware is being spread cellular and atomically through every being and fiber of the planet. Not one effort through spreading of Love on the planet goes wasted, know that the issue and value of love is being accepted in many forms on the planet, know that the value of love is being honored and all are being participants upon the global healing of Mother Earth - ....for Now is the perfect order of time and all spontaneous action in Love leads to blissful existence in Love - Dwell not on sorrow and human desires that are not met in the moment. Be in the Joy of the moment which creates your perfect NOW to Blissful Existence learn what is put before thee yet do not judge Dear One
We Salute Thee
Dear One,
The Hierarchy of Love and Light

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