Friday, May 21, 2010


THIS I RECEIVED FROM MY GUIDES (through channel writting)

Dear One, do you see the power of the moment, flow with love at ALL times.

Yes, the past is the past merging into the Now becoming the Now, the future is the Now.

Let go of the past, , the Now is the True Healer, the Now, the Rejuvenation, the Now heals all things for the Now is everything, all time is Now, healing the Now is healing all time, all issues, all this is an enormous reality, that is why we tell you to be in the Now, in pure Love,

Yes See what the moment brings thee, yet be in the Now and transpose that, see it, deal with it, release it and fill yourself with the Now Moment of Love
Yes, Dear One, Yes True Healing occurs effortlessly, yes the truth of Love Divine is there right in the pure essence of the Now, the dwelling of past reopening wounds and digging in the wounds is old way of healing. Heals, yet never heals for the reopening continues into layers upon layers.

Dear One see the truth, yes cellular memories, does exist, yes it is a part of you, as past lives yet to heal all is to be in the moment in pure love, to look upon, to heal, not to run away.

Do not misunderstand, see heal, renew through transmission of memory in Now moment, into pure light.

Yes, release and be free, if the moment calls for tears do so, for cleansing, yet do not dig up the moment again and again on some issue. Know that issue bought up is to be seen and released, the issue bought up is major program to be seen, yet in major issue, all smaller issues that relate are healed instantly through all time.

See this, know this, all time Dear One, do you realize the magnitude of such, do you know the power of one pure moment, this is the mystery revealed, the necessity of going and digging layers reopens that which is healed and gives that said issue power over your being, continually recognize that you beings on that plane chose to re hash memories, re do
programs for there is comfort in emotions and known. One says they want to be healed, yet the releasing of old is missed, the new fearful and unknown. Where it shall lead? So One chooses to be in the past program of familiarity.

Release, Dear One and embrace the new, know that love is the gift, blissful love. , Do not be of those who chose program of pain, fear and limitations in the name of Love.

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