Sunday, May 23, 2010


I was blessed yesterday with the most wonderful magical day.

It was our Sunday. We went to Victoria Point to do some shopping. I passed this wonderful store, I love international stores with all its beauty. I left Des outside the store just to go inside and check on the Large pillow that caught my eye. (Bait) once I entered I heard this wonderful French music and began to sway with it, yes i am known to literally dance around a store, this is true ask my kids :-D

Well as I listened to the music, my eye caught a woman doing as I was Glowing and moving to the music.

I told her Ah Paris!!! and told her looks like you are getting ready to travel, she then told me that she was going when her grandchildren grew up, I asked her where she wanted to travel, she then said a few places that i did not feel her heart they were just places, then i said whats wrong with traveling now, letting someone love your grandchildren and you go enjoy yourself, she SMILED AND SAID YOU JUST GAVE ME GOOSE BUMPS... i smiled because that is not unusual for me this response, i usually have a gift to give someone, and i knew her goose bumps were her confirmation that this was the right guidance and her eyes lit up, SHE KNEW IT

then I told her i guess you are ready for Paris and she LIT UP LIKE A BULB AND SAID YES I AM... and then she told me as she went... that she felt her heart get real warm and spread all over ... she said this with a great smile.

We laughed a while longer and I left her even more joyful than when I came preparing to take a wonderful well deserved trip to PARIS!!!! not waiting for the original plan of 6 years when her grandchild was old enough for her to leave.

We left the mall to go visit our 88 year old friend, Rudy a real heart someone who has experienced so much in his life and shares it and keeps on giving. I mean he has written 5 book, and translated 3 books as far as I know, From German to English.

We met him about a month ago and he has been a real blessing to Des and myself.

For Des because his father died, WOW, come to think of it, a year ago of the day we met Rudy. Rudy actually has a parallel life to Des's father, both were young men when Hitler was in power, both from Saxon (near what was East Berlin), Des always wanted to ask his father what it was like but his father never talked about it, Rudy not only talked about it, he wrote books on it.

This man is so spiritual and being born during an age and in a country that went to war with a mad man in power. He shares all his stories of what it was like being a young man in the trenches of the Russian Front, then being captured and being in Russia for 20 years in prison.

Well we have experienced nothing but love from this man, and he has no family so we have loved loving him. SO ALERT, SO KNOWLEDGABLE ...

This visit i kept noticing his feet and legs swollen and purple on some parts, my inner guidance told me to do a healing on him, I asked him permission and was blessed to sit and heal him, watching his feet go from purple to pink from cold to warm, watching the swelling go to half, and hearing him say he could feel the healing energy flowing through him,

He told me that his feet had been swollen since the war, he was so happy and so were we.

Des joined in on the healing and he worked on his heart area, it was wonderful the 3 of us all there in love and you could feel the angels, it was wonderful.

I was happy that we had this gifted to us, that we were gifted with healing him and gifted with meeting the lady in the store, I literally felt and experienced what it feels like
we were being
and in that being we were WALKING LOVE BEING INSTRUMENTS OF LOVE...
speaking of Choices... i could have chosen not to listen to that small voice that guided me to do the healing, i could have not listen to my heart and love unconditional when we first met, i could have chosen to judge him because of the i saw him and loved who he is right now, and I knew and felt the presence of LOVE as we worked with him...

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